High Plain Elementary

January PTO Meeting Minutes

Friday January 9th, 2015




Members Present:


Marika Lyons, Kim Sousa, Laura Putnam, Sherriden Sweeney, Michelle Hazelwood, Patricia Brown, Colleen Billings




Approval of November minutes (Dec meeting cancelled due to weather)




President’s Report:  Kim Sousa


-          All PTO Board positions will be vacant at the end of this year.  Need a junior Treasurer to shadow Sherriden.  Will send a blast out about that soon.

-          We need dates of upcoming events to put on PTO calendar

-          Sherriden will talk to a neighbor about heading up the Teacher’s Appreciation luncheon in May

-          Stephanie Lenzi in the midst of putting together a proposal around School Tool Box to make it a fundraiser

-          Stephanie Lenzi also trying to nail down a Friday date for the Sweetheart Dance in May

-          Pam needs $60 grand to purchase new laptops for the school.  The plan was to use the money generated by the Spring Social but $5,000 of those funds is already allocated to other items

-          Talked a little bit about the Ice Cream Social in June.  Bring in a dunk tank maybe?  Hold during Book Fair.




Square One Art Fundraiser:  Patricia Brown


-          Patricia is getting the Square One Art fundraiser off the ground

-          Michelle will help her

-          Working with art teachers again this year.  Some talk of letting parents send in art work their kids make at home if they prefer





Harvest Fest Survey:  Laura Putnam


-          Overall positive feedback

-          30 people responded

-          Criticisms were too expensive, too spread out, upset that outside stuff was cancelled, too long.

-          Next year we will maybe make it a 2 hour event





Multi-Cultural event:  Colleen Billings


-          Colleen came with great ideas about this kind of event

-          She is working with Betty Jean Kreiger

-          Talked about general difficulties in getting all HPE families involved

-          Colleen suggested an invitation in the mail

-          She wants a parent run event, parents will come with their kids

-          Generate a passport for families as they visit various 20 minute long activities

-          Suggested an evening event (­4-6pm) during the “Buddy Up” program pick up time

-          Performances by students of poetry, stories, dance, music, art

-          Also a museum of art work, stories, games and music based on heritage

-          Story and related craft activity

-          A combo of the above

-          Could also be part of a multi cultural week with different activities in classrooms and then an event at the end of the week

-          Perhaps a parent in every class to demonstrate and talk about culture

-          Keep it on a small scale this year but build on it for the future

-          Suggestion to have a coffee to generate interest in the library on the last Tuesday in February (2/24) from 3:45-4:30 as part of the last Buddy Up session





General Discussion:  Laura Putnam


-          We will wait until next year to do the Red Sox outing

-          Spring Social was discussed.  Hook up an ipod with music that night.

-          Laura will email Pammi Sue with blast looking for auction items

-          Laura will email room parents about facilitating classroom baskets

-          Need attraction to draw people in:  comedian, hypnotist







Treasurer Report:  Sherriden


-          We got a $1400 check for Fall Box Tops






Future Meetings: 


Friday, February 6th at 9:00 am


Tuesday, March 10th at 6:30 pm