High Plain Elementary

June PTO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 10th 2014




Members Present:


Lisa Ehrgott, Sherriden Sweeney, Michelle Hazelwood, Lee Ann Oatman, Jill Sergeant, Marika Lyons, Pam Lathrop, Kim Sousa (via cell phone), Laura Putnam




Approval of minutes from April meeting (May meeting cancelled)



Discussed Board positions for next year:


Kim Sousa – President

Laura Putnam – Co Vice President

Lee-Ann Oatman – Co Vice President

Sherriden Sweeney – Treasurer

Michelle Hazelwood – Secretary


We discussed looking for a junior treasurer in January to learn the ropes from Sherriden.


Committees are mostly filled for next year.  Michelle will type list and distribute



President’s Report:  Lisa Ehrgott



School Supplies:


Pam reported school supply procedure will change next year.  For each grade level, parents will be expected to buy @ 5 items for their kids and then the schools will supply a list of additional items.  Perhaps bring school tool box back for the following school year.  PTO and parents will be asked to donate Kleenex, wipes and paper towels for the classroom.  Perhaps the room parents can send a quick email to families when we are running low.  Pam was thinking maybe there could be art and music room parents as well to help collect items for these classrooms when supplies run low.  She will talk to Dawn and Christine about this.





Spring Social:


This event went great!  Discussed ways to make things even better next year.  Maybe a bigger fundraiser, not at someone’s home, folks to be able to bid if not at the party, do it in April not may, not on Clown Town weekend, get an Auctionner and credit card machine.  Maybe do a Saturday not a Friday.  Board agrees that overall we need recruitment ideas to get parents more involved with events!



General discussion:


We discussed having an International Supper


Pam wants shelf in front foyer decorated for Fall.  Michelle will do that.


New board would like to do away with back to school picnic & Haunted Happenings and do a Fall event/party instead.  Will include Halloween and Fall themes.





Principal Report:  Pam Lathrop


We discussed pick up line safety problem.  These will be addressed by Pam.


Staff Changes:  Marika will be the full time Administrator next year.  Katelyn Quinleen will take her position.  Mrs. Gazda will do full time kindergarten.  Pam hired a Speech & Language assistant.  Susan Farquar will go back to being a 5th grade teacher. Susan’s old position will be tweaked and filled.  Mara will hold down the front desk for July & August then will go on a year’s child care leave.  Deb Lenzi will do Mara’s job for the school year.  There will be 4 2nd grades.  We have low ˝ day kindergarten enrollment.  Full day kindergarten is not full yet.  Pam will keep an eye on the First grades so that don’t get too big.


Class Assignment letters will go out August 20th


Hockmeyer will be our new photographer for next year.  This gives the school a lot of perks.  They also have a yearbook product.


Agenda planners were ordered by Lisa


Custodial hours and fees need to be looked at for events.  Perhaps the PTO presidents can talk to Marinel about this.  We need to be more savy in our requests to custodians, as well as food requests with the town.


Treasury guidelines for events need to be streamlined.  Rules need to be followed when handling money.  The 5th grade events need to be clarified ahead of time and a budget decided upon.


Redistricting will happen next school year, not this coming year.  Sounds like 4 students will come to HPE while 29 students will leave HPE and go to Sanborn.


There will be teaching assistant cut backs/lay offs.


ESL numbers changing as well.  We are getting a .8 teacher plus more


HPE got title 1 funding for the Summer which supports the whole school so there will be Summer School offerings.