High Plain Elementary

June PTO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday June 9th, 2015




Members Present:


Pamela Lathrop, Marika Lyons, Kim Sousa, Laura Putnam, Sherriden Sweeney, Michelle Hazelwood, Joanna Yianopolous, Kirsten Ahearn, Ursula Perry, Bianca (kindegarten Mom)




Approval of May Minutes




General Discussion:


·       The School Tool Box sale is ongoing.  Sales are coming in from every grade level

·       The Ice Cream Social is Thursday, the Book Fair is ongoing this week.  At the social check in we will reinforce parents watching their children during the event.  There will be no DJ outside, just the playground for entertainment.  There is no parent assigned outside.  There will be a new family table at the event with packet of information.

·       The Fun Run/School BBQ is Friday, June 19th.  We have plenty of volunteers.  Some ˝ day kindergarteners will stay for the picnic.

·       Kathy Hurst is working to get the 4th grade parents together to help with graduation.

·       Planners come in July 11th and will need to be distributed

·       The Drifters/Orff concert is tonight.  Maybe send an eblast about that event

·       The 3rd grade concert is next week.

·       The Track and Field event is cancelled for today.  Will be held tomorrow.

·       The Buddy Table dedication will be Wed, June 17

·       Our school grilled died and we need a new one by the school BBQ!  Danny is on it.

·       Sherriden reports that the Yearbook $ is still to come in, plus $ from the Ice Cream Social, Fun Run and 5th Grade has yet to be reported.

·       Consider making Mother Son outing a fundraiser.  Will tell the ladies who run it.

·       Restaurant night at Chilis went well considering the wrong date was published.  Made $200

·       We need to Brainstorm about the Harvest Fest vs Carnival Idea

·       Also questioning whether to do Charleston Wrap fundraiser or not.  Need a general discussion about fundraising and running effective events.  Also events that 5th graders will enjoy.

·       Maybe a chess night or stargazing event.  More academic events like Science Night or international night.  Perhaps an Adventures in Learning presenter can come back at night for a fundraiser

·       Also maybe movie night or bingo night.

·       Maybe survey families about events

·       All new board members have accepted positions.  There are only 5 or 6  PTO committee positions to fill.  We will make the first PTO meeting mandatory.  Make it informational for incoming committee folks.  We need to get more parents involved.  Give them lee way to create their own fun ideas.  Mention all this at parent info night maybe.

·       Also bring back Parent Coffee’s that Janet used to run.

·       Pam reported that we are down to four 5th grades and four 4th grades.  We are hoping to add a 5th grade back.

·       All 4th graders will be upstairs next year.

·       We are creating a “Maker Space” in the school.  Set it up with parent volunteers to man room and equip room.  Connect it to the curriculum

·        The school needs a full time Digital Learning Specialist and a speech and language pathologist.



Summer Brainstorming sessions:


Sunday June 28   3-5pm

Tuesday July 28  3-5pm