High Plain Elementary

March PTO Meeting Minutes

Friday, March 6th 2015

Members Present:

Pam Lathrop, Marika Lyons, Michelle Hazelwood, Kim Sousa, Laura Putnam, Sherriden Sweeney, Jyoti Mahajan, Lyn Andelman, Dawn Ferguson

Approval of minutes from February meeting

General Discussion:


         We discussed 5th grade events. Pasta Palooza was very successful with an extra $1000 made after expenses. Discussed holding a movie night to help pay for Canobie Lake outing. We need a decent 4th grade parent turnout for graduation day.

         We need to initiate a Direct Donation Campaign. Talked to Kim about writing a letter to parents to kick it off. Perhaps we will tie it in with Spring Social marketing.

         The Square One Art fundraiser is underway. There has been no requests from parents to create artwork at home. We should get the finished products back to school by May 4th.

         Skateland event is tonight. Audrey Wilsack has the event under control.

         April 11th is the Spring Social. We have lots of auction items. We need more press however as this is our biggest PTO fundraising event. Perhaps the teachers will do something to contribute to the auction items. Maybe offer a teacher movie night. Pam will talk to the teachers. They will get into the Spring Social for free but their spouses will pay. Try to market the Spring Social by explaining profits will pay for new student computers.

         The Sweetheart Dance will be held on May 1st. A team of parents is organizing this event.

         The Ice Cream Social will be held on June 11th from 5-7. The teachers will help serve ice cream. Pam would like an outside componant.

         Pam decided to unveil the new artwork for the cafeteria sooner than the Ice Cream Social as it is ready.

         We need a Fun Run/Family Picnic date (June 17th maybe). Christine Lightburn will run this event. Students will bring in the money they raised after the event.

         Track and Field Day will be June 9th.

         The Teachers Appreciation Luncheon will be May 7th and a great group of parents has offered to take this on.

         We need more 5th grade event dates on the books.

         Kim talked about inviting the Buddy Up parents to the Ice Cream Social and Pam will invite new families from West Elementary as well.

         We need a new PTO Board for next year. Michelle raised sending out a blast soliciting some volunteers but we will wait on this. Pam and Kim will draft up something to send out.

         PARCC testing starts March 23rd. There will be 20 days of testing. We will provide teachers with some treats to keep up morale.

Future PTO meeting dates are:


Tuesday April 7th at 5:30pm

Friday May 15th at 9:00am