High Plain Elementary

October PTO Meeting Minutes

Friday October 17, 2014




Members Present:


Pam Lathrop, Marika Lyons, Laura Putnam, Sherriden Sweeney, Michelle Hazelwood, Stephanie Lenzi, Sajda Elahi-Gdihi




Approval of minutes from last meeting




Presidentís Report:Laura Putnam (for Kim Sousa)



We are in good shape for the Harvest Festival.150 signed up so far.There is a Haunted Hallway sign up sheet in the office.≠4-5 more volunteers have recently come on board but we need more.Laura will send out a flyer soon with agenda for the Festival and prices of events.Discussion about bringing the photo booth inside if the weather is bad.The Book Fair will be happening inside the Gym during the Festival.Laura will ask Kim to send a letter to staff asking for volunteers.


School Tool Box was discussed as Stephanie Lenzi has an idea to make this service a fundraiser, organized by the PTO.She will research and run some numbers to see if it is realistic and report back.


The Spring Social was discussed.Laura is looking into Andover C.C., Tewksbury C.C., Andoliniís and Tuscan Kitchen.She wants a venue booked by next week.Thinking March 28th or April 11 (Saturdays) as possible dates.We discussed auction items.So far we have a basket donated by Rachel Hemman, Something Red Sox related (will find out in the Spring), items on Jillís business list from last year, perhaps class baskets?


There are still a few open PTO committees that need a volunteer.Stephanie Lenzi offered to take on the Teachers Appreciation Lunch in May.She will need help with this.






Treasurerís Report:Sherriden Sweeney


Sherriden reported on the funds coming into the PTO from various committees: spirit wear, school directory, Charleston Wrap, Math-a-thon.We voted to contribute $1,000 from PTO funds towards school supplies.We approved the budget.Sherriden is on track to file taxes.




Principalís Report:Pam Lathrop


Discussed the piece of playground equipment HPE purchased with WHMS.


Approved two mini grants for teachers:Mrs. Spring needs $245 to purchase 5 cassette players and the 4th grade team needs new calculators.Also discussed a possible mini grant for the Computer Lab in the library for clipboards to hold papers next to each computer station.


All smart boards need to be replaced by Epsom smart projectors.Mrs. Dubois already has one.Pam is looking to replace a few more using the School budget and PTO funds.She is hoping to buy 2 a year.Also the schoolís lap tops needs replacing as they are 6 years old.She wants to buy Macs for the 5th grade.Use Spring Social money perhaps?Discussed asking ACE to help with this but the feeling was they would say no.


Discussion about 3rd grade being allowed to go down to the fields at recess but we need parent volunteers to help.


HPE is building 4 scarecrows this afternoon for the ACE event next week.The Bancroft School dedication is the same day as the ACE event.


There is no longer a Spelling Bee committee. They have disbanded.


Discussed ALICE training for the staff and possibility of HPE having a Police Sergeant come in to discuss this new procedure with parents.


8 parents have volunteers to be a part of the School Council.This is too many so Pam needs to hold an election or have sub committees


Colleen Billings wants to chair a multicultural event.Jill talked about an International Night last year.We discussed inviting Colleen to a PTO meeting to see what she has in mind or possibly making this a non-PTO event.


Former art teacher Betsy Wish will help HPE beautify the cafeteria by putting painted canvas up on the walls.Maybe use school store money to help fund this.


2016 Budget is being compiled.Pam will increase the number of positions, possibly adding a Digital Learning Specialist.


Discussed 2015 redistricting.





Next Meeting: To Be Determined