High Plain Elementary

September PTO Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 4, 2015




Members Present:


Kim Sousa, Lauren Jones, Stephanie Lenzi, Joanna Yianopoulos, Pam Lathrop, Marika Lyons, Meg McLaughlin, Kerry Croll, Juliet Wright, Marisa Frost, Pernille Davolio, Christine Lightburn, Monica Nelson, Heather Nutter, Sajda Elahi-Gdihi


General Discussion:



























Social events: 

Made $500 for harvest fest.  Will budget $1000 for 2015-16

Spring Social:  To make $5000.  We made $5000 in spring 2015.  Budget $5000 for 2015-16.

Calendar raffle and square one art to be held on opposite years. 

            Mathathon:  Pam still likes the idea of pledging, but probably suggest a flat rate.

            Fun Run:  Flat rate vs pledge per lap.

            CharlestonWrap:  Budgeting for $3000 and we did $3400 in 2015.  We did $5000 in 2014. 





Next Meeting:  TBD